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#when steve harvey gets mortified at contestants and they turn out to be dead on and then his mortification redirects to america it is literally THE GREATEST THING TO EVER EXIST ON TELEVISION

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A Christian Dior photo shoot in the 50s, Paris.

Grace’s wedding dress was the crowning achievement of Helen Rose’s career, and the most expensive garment she ever designed. The dress, valued at more than $7,200 at the time, had been worked on feverishly in top secret for six week by a platoon of three dozen seamstresses. Suitably feminine and elegant, it was an ivory high-necked, long-sleeved gown with a fitted bodice with an overlay of 125-year-old rose point lace. The cut of the gown accentuated Grace’s tiny waist; its voluminous bell skirt of silk taffeta, peau de soie, tulle, and lace billowed with hundreds of yards of fabric. The circular veil added ninety more yards of tulle, highlighted with seed pearls and affixed to a small fitted headpiece.

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Jesus take the wheel


Whoa there Jesus

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with these stupid gray little boxes any gif can be the surprise bitch gif

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if you are feeling rad don’t let anyone ever turn the r into an s

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This. This is why I love John Green.

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New York Times bestselling author John Green.

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When you find a fresh new reaction image and you search desperately for any possible way you can use it


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Maria Kochetkova


i ship me and money

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which is messier my life or my hair

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